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About Me

MSc student at the University of Hull, Software Developer at Visr-VR and Unity Student Ambassador. Interested in creating games and software on many platforms and for the right audience. Ported Scrap Attack on the UWP platform, created an Hololens engine assembly app for Audi and developed indie games in my spare time. Looking for a new challenge!

Recent Projects

Unity Student Ambasador

Helping others understand Unity and create great games!

Scrap Attack

VR shooter build at VISR-VR

Galton Board

C++ Galton board simulation

Amazan Delivery Simulator

Multiplayer game build on the Vertex networking engine and Unity!

Audi engine AR guided assembly

Learn how to assemble an engine using the Hololens!

Cards Unknown Battle Arena

A deck builder game combined with a spell combo system, all for a game jam!

Fire Fighter

Action Adventure game on Steam and Android

The Magic Scarf And The Quest For Cheese

First game I published for Windows Phone using MonoGame!

A Slide Game

Android puzzle game made in Java with cloud storage

History project about the Ancient World

The project that started it all!

Blogs and Opinions

PSP Architecture

A dive inside one of the most popular game console!

Creating a Manager

While not managing your time

Pokemon Go

Adventure in town