First: It's been an awful long time till I've written anything so I might be a bit rusty.

    Second: All the pictures are taken from IFixIt juts because I was too lazy to take my own.

    And now let's start.

         When I first started this project all I wanted to do was get a new-ish PSP without having to spend an enormous amount of money to get a new unopened box off Ebay or Amazon. So the only other option was to buy new parts from the internet and reconstruct it myself. That being said the acquiring part of the project was easy, I just went to Alliexpress and ordered a new case, screen, analog stick, optic drive and battery.

         After I got all the parts I decided to start by taking the first screws off the case, with some more screws hidden beneath the warranty stickers(fun enough the case that I both came with it's own warranty stickers and product number). Next was the buttons grid at the bottom of the screen witch is hold in place like a clip. Then the hole screen comes apart and you just need to pull the cables.

The Guts

Now we can see the first beautiful part of the design, on the top right of the main board is one of the speaker, it's not held in place by anything, it just sits there, if we take it out we see that on the bottom there are 2 pins for control. After that I got the shoulder button out and looked at the sheets of conductive material for the buttons, nicely laired in their place, just pulled them out. (the left one comes out at the same time with the proprietary card slot after a screw)

Then the second speaker is out and we can get the motherboard out as well. Here we see that under it is the analog stick and the control board for the 3.5 mm audio out. This two pieces are as well hold in place mainly by the case and are connected to the motherboard trough simple contacts. On the same matter, on the right side of the unit is the power button board witch is linked trough a ribbon cable to the motherboard. With that out of the way the only thing remaining in the case is the UMD drive. It has 4 very weird screws, with a big footprint but very shallow and a small hole for the screwdriver to unscrew them. Also it's one of the moving part of this hole thing and the one that can be the easily damaged.