Pokemon GO

   Huh, I just got out of the shower after a nice bike ride. Usually I won't write an article about it, but now with Pokemon Go being released in beta this ride had a new meaning. It all started when I realized that the servers are up today, as for the last 2 days I didn't had so much luck. Then I told my sister, how very energetically announced the whole family and mobilized everybody on their bike. 30 minutes later, we had our phone and the first Pokemon on the map. This gonna be an article about the bike ride and my opinion of the game, So lets start.

   First stop was on a near street. There I tried to catch a Weedle, nothing really special here but the interesting part was the crowd of children's that formed around us while trying to catch it. I think they were playing football when we arrived but then stopped when they saw us with our phone up in the air trying to spot Pokemons. One of them asked us if we are taking photo to witch we responded No, but how will believe us? He rolled his eyes and keep staring at us.

Adventrure Continues

   Next stop was near a cemetery where we spotted a Zubat, this was harder as we had to lean over the fence to get in range and find it, yet another weird stare from the crowd.
   Another hundred meters to the north was a park that was marked as a PokeStops and for the first time we discovered how they work. Shure, you can find the info on the internet, but seeing it on the map and having to walk all the way to discover it was strangely satisfying as we raced to see how will get there first.

All the Landmarks

   After that followed a string of Churches and statues of the Virgin Mary till we got to a part of the city that we never seen before. This time we encountered more players that we recognized simply because they were pointing their phones up and shouting the name of the Pokemons they were catching.
   At the last landmark we found, an old water fountain, a man described to us how in his youth he and some bad children used to throw junk in the fountain thinking the water will never go bad, apparently he was wrong and now wanting to drink some fresh water as he one did.