Project Description

When I started on Botanika I was first assigned the task of creating a health display system that could be easily scalable and that adapted with the big distance that the game had. After I created a geometry shader for that I was asked to develop and prototype new weapons that would fit the game. This is where I learned a lot about networking and sending RPC messages from one client to another. After that the focus of the project changed and I was assigned to work on player spawning and house management.

The next big step of the project came when we had to redesign part of the networking system to support persistent worlds that would be impacted by each player. There I helped develop an asset streaming system that would save different chunks of the map separately and then serve them to the clients when they needed them. Following on this I worked on developing the social aspect of the game where the player would join a community and add its house to that community to grow it.

Even if in the end the project was canceled the tech from it lived on and become the base for the Vertex engine and the assets were used in Scrap Attack. I learned a lot about networking and game design as well as about team management and working in a professional space.

Features that I worked on