DirectX Ray Tracing Ray Tracing, Geometry and Tessellation shaders

Project Description

As part of my MSc in Computer Science for Games Development I had to demonstrate that I understand how DirectX shaders can be used to create impressive effects. This project involved creating an alien landscape without using any 3D models. Using Volumetric Rendering to create the landscape and the water simulation. Geometry shaders to create the animated snakes. Ray Tracing to simulate a reflective surface. Tessellation to create complex shapes out of a simple quad. I feel like I've learned a lot about how to use shaders in DirectX and about what UWP apps gives you aparnt from starting from ground up with a win32 application.


  • Using the UWP context
  • Combining Volumetric Rendering with classic rasterization
  • Ray Tracing including ray to triangle
  • Geometry shaders for grass and animated objects
  • Tessellation and creating geometry shapes with mathematical formulas