Scrap Attack

Project Description

My biggest project yet as a game developer, this VR game started as a spin-off from our VR MMO Botanika that we were building at the time at Visr-VR. This was meant as a way for new players to get familiarized with the game universe and experience all the content that we had created until that point. In this game the player has to defend the Crystal against increasingly powerful waves of enemies. To spice things up we came up with a dual wielding mechanic for the player and a movement system based around hexes that keeps the thrill of dodging bullets while allowing for relocation around the map.

As the project progressed I had multiple roles in developing it. At the start I was helping with the various gameplay features, helping prototype new weapons and the health system. Later on I was tasked with porting the game to the UWP platform as the launch of the new Mixed Reality Headsets was near and we knew that a fresh store meant more people looking at the our game. After the game launched I moved to the Live DevOps team where we worked on delivering new content and fixing bugs for the players.